Frog discovered swimming pool

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Frog discovered swimming pool

Postby puzzled » Mon 11 Aug, 2008 23:12

My kids and I found a frog in our swimming pool (a little kid pool) one day. They seen the frog in the pool for a couple of days, now we don't see the frog but there is lots of little fish like swimming in the pool. Tadpoles is my guess but what kind of frogs are they going to be? There is about 20 different types of frogs in Kansas. What do I do with them? My pool has all kinds of algee in it now and a lot of little tadpoles. I guess there is no more swimming for my kids this summer.



Postby JaxJag » Wed 20 Aug, 2008 22:25

Ummm, well those are tadpoles....I suppose you could wait till they get a little bigger and skim them out, put them in a bucket and transport them to a pond or other natural water source. If you shock the water I assume that would kill them. :cry: Or if your kids go to school a teacher may have any aquarium and let the kids watch them progress into whatever breed of frog they are! Hope this helped a little...

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