suggestions for new pump

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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suggestions for new pump

Postby kalpi » Tue 12 Aug, 2008 02:13

I'm new here and need suggestions on replacing my pump. Have a 26000 gallon pool and sand folter. I figured the minimum flow rate to be 45 GPM and maximum flow rate to be 73GPM. Probably need a 1HP pump. The one I have now is a Jacuzzi 1 HP pump installed just 4 years ago and it quit on me. Need suggestions for a good brand name quiet pump, easy to operate. If it is worth the money, don't mind spending a liitle bit more upfront. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I thought i posted a message this morning but don't see it on the forum. Hopefully, this will make it. Thanks in advance for your help.

Dropping by

Suggestions for new pump

Postby Dropping by » Sat 23 May, 2009 18:48

I think the 1 HP is too small for your 26K gal pool. I'm using a 1HP for 11.5K gal, and will go to 1.5HP if and when this Jacuzzi pump needs replaced. Just a thought.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Suggestions for new pump

Postby megabyte29 » Sun 24 May, 2009 15:03

You dont want to overpower the return flow. Im using a 1HP on a slightly larger gallon pool. Its got so much output pressure it will send a swimmer to the otherside of the pool. While surfing is a bit of an exageration I get nice wave action on the surface. My pool can give some wave pools a run for their money. You can get yourself in trouble using to much power. We all think more power is better but what can happen is your suction on your vacuum can make cleaning your pool real tough almost impossible to move the vacuum head across the bottom of the pool. In my pool you simply cannot sleep in a lounge chair in a single place you are always moving around the pool.
I have always used Hayward motors. I had one go bad on me and had it replaced at a motor repair shop for $40 the replacement was better than the original ran cooler quiter and lasted a long time (still works) I got a new hayward with a whole new pool filter system so im using it. The motor is cheap about $25 you can even have it rebuilt but I got a new one for $40 completely installed into the plastic housing which attaches to my pump hopper with 4 bolts. I think new they are like $100 right? I would replace the motor with the exact same one and not increase the HP unless your having return flow low pressure. Even if you are I would only bump up the power 1/4 HP no more than designed for your pool.

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