Green cloudy water

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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Green cloudy water

Postby Jeano » Tue 12 Aug, 2008 17:37

I am new to this site. We have a above ground intex pool 18'x48" - this is our third season. We never had an issues with water before. I noticed the water looking cloudy & a tiny bit ... greenish just before we left for vacation. We came back & our pump had died! The water went from light green to pretty dark green. I researched algae solutions on other sites. I purchased a new pump, a bigger one than what came in the box, but it was recommened for our size of pool for a 20'. The pool roughly holds 500 gallons. Based on what I read I was to get the PH up, to 7.6-7.8, add 2.5 lbs super shock, then the algaecide. After I noticed the color change to a sage green, it began to have a discolored foam on top only a bit by the sides that I scooped out. Then I added chlorine. The pool is still sage green, & cloudy no more foam. From what I read it could take 2-8 days. Am I on the right track? Can my kids swim in the water? Is it safe? The pump has been running day & night since we hooked it up & began the process on 8-9. We miss our pool as it is VERY humid in Minnesota in the summer. Please help!


Green Cloudt Water

Postby Sagebut » Fri 15 Aug, 2008 21:24

I have an Intex Easy Set Pool, 18x48...This is my third season with the pool...No problems until this year...Noticed little green circles on the blue plastic rim and the water has turned a cloudy blue/green color...I have had the water tested, used chlorine bleach, clarifier, shock...All to no avail...Ready to take it down unless someone can help me...

Am worried about the plastic rim with the gree circles, which actually look like algae or mold growing on the rim....

Can anyone help before the season is over....

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