solar blanket blowing away - help

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solar blanket blowing away - help

Postby desertdog » Wed 13 Aug, 2008 13:21

My solar blanket blows off my in ground pool in high wind at least 3-4 times a week (big mess!). Does anyone know of a way to anchor the edges of the blanket to the side of the pool? I've tried weights on top of the blanket (short 2' sections of 4x4), but they don't work.

Judging from the direction the blanket usually blows off I would guess that 4-6 tie downs would do the trick, but I can't locate any product which provides anchors that could be drilled into the side of the pool, and onto which grommets put into the solar blanket could be affixed. (Anchors would have to be on the side of the pool, not on the deck, because if the blanket were tied to deck anchors the wind would get under it and turn it into a tied down sail, which would undoubtedly then rip)

Any ideas as to how this could be done, or any other products that would help? Without a fix I'll have to go back to a cold, uncovered pool.

Thanks for any ideas.

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