Black Algae in grout.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Black Algae in grout.

Postby casabonita » Thu 14 Aug, 2008 13:18

black algae in grout had this problem last year, had pool cleaned and regrouted, it has returned... whats best way to cure ??

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Postby muss08 » Thu 14 Aug, 2008 15:19

brush it with a steel brush then- with gloves on- use bleach and a sponge to scrub it. wait about 10 minutes then rinse any exposed tile. it may be necessary to do this a couple times a day for a couple days. it sounds like your chlorine is being kept at a proper level which is why it came back. your free chlorine level should be at least 10% of your cyanuric acid (CYA) level.
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