cloudy pool

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cloudy pool

Postby lisal » Thu 14 Aug, 2008 14:48

Just refilled my pool to clear out copper metals, refilled it, everything was fine until I add some trichlor tabs in a floater, new black spot on step where the floater settled. Added chelating agent, one day later added 2.5 gallons chlorine (12,000 gallon pool).... water turned white and cloudy.

Cleaned filter, left a salty/sandy looking residual on the ground where we hosed off the filter. 5 days later, still cloudy and we have been runnng the filter everyday non-stop. All the levels seem ok, except alkalinity was about 130. Will this go away or do we need to keep looking for a solution? I believe my problem was adding the chlorine right after the chelating agent. How long till this clears up?

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