Help children's feces in pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help children's feces in pool

Postby Mommy » Thu 14 Aug, 2008 17:27

Help!! my son's friend pooped in the pool and then smeared it with his feet. I got out what solids I could, but there is still alot left in the pool. I don't want to run it through the pool shark or the filter. Other than draining the pool, is there any way to get it out?

Is it really enough to superclorinate for a period of time? I feel like we'll be swimming in a toliet bowl. :-(
Thanks for any suggestions!

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Postby muss08 » Thu 14 Aug, 2008 21:18

What you couldnt get out with a net you are going to have to brush it off the bottom or walls and let the filter grab any particles. Superchlorinating the pool will take care of any bacteria- I would get the chlorine up to at least 20ppm- more if your cyanuric acid level is 60 or higher.
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Help children's feces in pool

Postby Guest » Wed 26 May, 2010 12:01

I have a new problem: after 30 uneventful years, I found two days in a row a large poop on my front in-pool step. By the time I noticed, it was so soft that it disbursed while I was trying to get it out, first one with a shovel, next one with a bucket. I am stumped as to what animal could have done that. Neither I nor my husband are responsible for this. How can one prevent this? It happens at night or early in the morning when we are still asleep. Can anybody help?

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Help children's feces in pool

Postby Xclusive » Wed 26 May, 2010 12:22

Sounds like geese. Their feces can be pretty big. Are you aware of having any in your area?

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