Cloudy pool water after adding Chlorine

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Cloudy pool water after adding Chlorine

Postby LGer » Sun 17 Aug, 2008 13:21

Just had my pool acid washed 4 weeks ago, water was rebalanced and crystal clear, went on vacation and 7 days later chlorine was zero, added a trichlor tab until I could get liquid chlorine, put it in a floater and it turned the top step black where the floater settled. Assumed metals in pool and added "mineral magnet" mineral and metal stain remover to pool. Water was still clear until 1 day later added jug of liquid chlorine and it reacted and turned the water white cloudy and had something like soap suds floating on top of pool. Now have put in new cartridge filter and added some clarifyer. nothing seems to help. Water chemistry is balanced. Water is still cloudy white.

Previously battled nightmare after last year refinishing pool with diamond bright and when that was done , my old heater was stripped of copper, i had to replace my heater with new titanium model, and battled copper in water until I just acid washed and drained (started over) ... now, trichlor tabs still turned step black and still have some problem ????? HELP

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