low pH, low chlorine, low alkalinity, algae - help!

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??
I'm new here
I'm new here
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low pH, low chlorine, low alkalinity, algae - help!

Postby rabarricklow » Sun 17 Aug, 2008 18:43

I just moved into a house with an above ground pool. The water was fine for the first few weeks, but has been getting worse and worse. All chem readings are low: pH 6.8, Chl 0.5, Alk 0-40. I've added soda ash, shocked the pool, backwashed, scrubbed the bottom, and use algaecide. Nothing seems to be working. Can someone tell me how to make this pool sparkle again?

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