burn out lite..recommended use..advise please

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burn out lite..recommended use..advise please

Postby poi » Mon 18 Aug, 2008 17:17

we had about 10 kids over last week for a 2 day birthday bash, in a 14000gal pool. put some oxidiser(burn out lite) in after they left, backwash and Cl shock. 6 days on the pool is mildly cloudy....i have placed another packet of burnout lite today ..should i only repeat this on a weekly basis or can i carry on doing this on a daily basis until the water is clear.....
all the other tests show the water ph, al , etc are in balance...

ps any cheaper alternatives to burnout lite?


Burn out lite..recommended use..advise please

Postby realoldbloke » Mon 01 Jun, 2009 12:30

For 14000 gallon pool I would use 1.5 400g packets Once a week some times every other week depending on uses. I have a 10000g pool and use 1 a week or 2weeks. If you buy 20 400g packets £118 From poolandspacentre.co.uk To sanatize pool use surex Just a little every week Chlorine for a season £200 ? And it[ don't[ work

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