Ideas to prevent pool break-ins?

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Ideas to prevent pool break-ins?

Postby Guest » Tue 19 Aug, 2008 13:47


I am on the pool committee for our neighborhood HOA. Recently, we've had a problem with kids breaking into the pool area at night. They've decided to toss our 8 foot high wooden lifeguard stand into the deep end each time. Since it's wood, it floats. But it still took two people to get it out each time.

Ironically, they left the non-floating and easier to toss pool furniture alone.

After fishing the stand out twice, I bought a length of chain and padlocks and chained the stand to one of the fence posts so it can only go so far. That's not an optimal solution, but so far it's worked.

However, I was wondering if anyone has tips for preventing breakins. They happen each year, and I am curious to know of legal methods of keeping the teenagers at bay. We have an 8 foot high fence, and I've though of coating the top with Vaseline and cayenne pepper. It won't keep them out if they want to climb over, but it will certainly make them remember us.

I am trying to convince the board to try hired patrols to check on the pool several times at night. And I've suggested installing more security lights (we have one that remains on dusk to dawn). The board likes "free" solutions though. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.



Postby gregg » Thu 21 Aug, 2008 12:12

How about putting up a couple of fake cameras and a big sign saying the pool is being monitored? These cant be that much money to put up one time. The kids dont know the camera doesnt work. Might make them think twice.

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