the foam that comes streaming out of the filter

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the foam that comes streaming out of the filter

Postby pool_idiot » Tue 19 Aug, 2008 15:47

I am the pool idiot, and I know it. :wink:

I went away and asked a neighbour to take care our 18' round above ground pool. Oops, he forgot. :( Came back and it was full of algae. Not a problem, I know how to fix it. I got out with my mostly full jug of algaecide to the pool, neighbour came over, as we talk I put in some algaecide. Literally, we had an emergency right in front of the house at the moment and we went running out. About 30 minutes later, I return to the pool and thought "Hmm, did I put anything in?" I asked the neighbour (mistake #2) who said "No, we were talking remember?" and in went another dose of algaecide.

Within 24 hours I realised what I had done. D'OH!

Since then, I've tried cleaning it (and it is filtered 24/7) and I've used a mild shock treatment called "Pool Bright" by Pool Care. Although my pool is about 18,000 L of water, I have only added 300g (as per instructions for 10,000 L of water) so as not to be an idiot, yet once more.

Now, I know I should sit and wait and see what happens but herein lies my dilemma...every time I turn off the filter to replace the cartridge (dutifully doing so every 48-72 hours as needed) and plug it back in again, a large amount of foamy water comes spewing out into the water. It leaves a soapy-like film for about an hour, and then just makes the water bubbly at the filter out-put. We've cleaned out the entire filter itself but not the hoses, it's a bit difficult. We're not in a position to drain and refill any or part of the pool (we live in an area that only allows a set amount of water per household; we drain that sucker and none of us are taking showers until Christmas :wink: )

My pool is cloudy, foamy, yucky and not swimmable. I hate to have that thing defeat me. What is my next step? And no, I don't have numbers to show what my pool chemistry is at.

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