Cloudy Water / Unusually High FC readings

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I'm new here
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Cloudy Water / Unusually High FC readings

Postby a4b5 » Tue 19 Aug, 2008 21:42

Hey all, looking for some assistance if possible. I have an in ground 18x36 vinyl lined pool with approx 22,000 gallons of water. The pool also has an auto cover for what it's worth, and it remains closed most of the time.

Approx. 2 weeks ago I switched from pucks to straight bleach for my sanitizer, as I was concerned that my CYA was creeping up. It's been a bit of a learning curve figuring how much bleach to add to keep the FC up, and it appears that I missed something earlier this week. I'm looking for any advise that people may be able to offer. Here's the history:

8/16 - FC = 1, TC = 1. I added 1 gallon of 5.25% bleach after the readinng

8/17 - FC - 4, TC = 4. This was a surprise as the bleach that I added the day before should have added approx 2ppm. I didn't add anything afterwards

8/18 afternoon - Pool starts to get cloudy. I check FC / TC at noon, and I see the following readings: FC = 1, TC = 1.5. I figure that I have some chlorine in the pool, so go out to dinner planning to deal with it when I get back.

8/18 night - I check readings again that night, and this time read FC = 0, TC = 0.5. Water is even cloudier, and I add 4.25 gallons of 6% bleach. From what I have seen, I had expected this to result in approx 10ppm chlorine addition

8/19 morning - check readings in the morning, see FC = 20, TC = 20. Again, unusually high readings given how much bleach I added

8/19 night - check readings again, this time doing a full battery of tests:

FC = 20
TC = 20
pH = 7.3
CYA = 65
TA = 140
Calcium Hardness = 290

If my chlorine readings are accurate, I would think I have a high enough level to kill whatever is causing the cloudy water, but I'm concerned that something is impacting my readings causing this to be unusually high.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing that, and what I should do about it? I've yet to add more bleach, and have my filter running on high 24x7.


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