Replacing existing plumbing

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Replacing existing plumbing

Postby LJKBUYER » Wed 20 Aug, 2008 07:23

I have a 20'x40' inground pool that's 9 years old and recently replaced the pump and in-line chlorinator. All in-ground plumbing is 1.5" PVC. Fittings on pump, DE filter and chlorinator are 2", but are reduced to 1.5" for plumbing. Does it make sense to change the external plumbing to the pump, filter, and chlorinator from 1.5 to 2 inch if the inground plumbing is 1.5"? The pump is 1.5HP, total pool volume is approx 30K gallons, with 2 lines fed to the pump and three outlet lines to pool (and spa seat).

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