how much shock do I need!

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how much shock do I need!

Postby katie » Thu 11 May, 2006 11:29

I have added 24 lbs of shock to my pool in the last 2 weeks and still no free chlorine showing up. My water is cloudy. What is the maximum amount of shock anyone has added to get a reading? This is getting crazy. What kind of a monster do I have in my pool eating all the shock?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby JT » Tue 16 May, 2006 05:35

You said you'd added 24 lb over 2 weeks. Shock is not additive. Either it boosts the chlorine immediately, or there is something in your pool that is absorbing it almost immediately and probably giving you combined chlorine (it isn't free to register a reading). To get out of this, you have to reach the chlorine break point. Try to get your pH near neutral first, then start adding.

You may need A LOT of shock. I added 24 lbs to my pool last night, all within about 40 minutes. Add 10-12 bags, then wait 15 minutes and test. If it isn't over 3, add more, wait 15 min, test. Repeat until you get a chlorine reading that is over 3.


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