My polaris is staying in the deep end

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My polaris is staying in the deep end

Postby Joy » Thu 21 Aug, 2008 17:19

What can I do to get my polaris to go to the deep end


Polaris not moving to other end of pool

Postby Gregg » Fri 21 Nov, 2008 17:46

Just to let you know that you are not alone. I also have a problem with my Barracuda only cleaning at the deep end of the pool and not going to the other end. I was told this is a water circulation problem. Therefore, it appears that one or more valves, such as the return valve for the pump are not functioning properly. There should be one or two valves at two different areas of the pool with at least one facing toward the bottom giving the water proper ciruclation to assist in the movement of the cleaner.

I am going to research further and discuss with a local pool service and let you know if I find out anything of use. Not certain if that is your problem, but it might be. If necessary I might have a pool service look at my pool for proper identification of the problem.

Postby Guest » Sat 06 Dec, 2008 00:02

I don't think it has anyhting to do with circulation, except possible that you are not getting enough flow into a Polaris 360.

There are several things I would check first. If you have a polairs 80 series (180, 280, 380, etc...) or any model with a booster pump, you need to make sure that that water is going through the management system properly. That is, make sure there is enough water driving the wheels. If there is too much bleed-off through the tail or if the nozzle that turns the turbine is glogged, the cleaner will not have the power to climb the slope. Adjust the tail screw so that there is just enough water going through the tail for a slight sweeping action. You don't want the tail flailing out of control, that means too much water throught the tail and not enought through the remainder of the water management system (drive and vortex). Usually the turbine nozzle (this is where the water shoots through a jet and spins a paddle wheel that turns the axle) will not clog with debris unless the filter screen at the wall fitting is missing or has a hole in it, allowing debris to get into the cleaner. If you notice that the screen is missing or has a hole, you will need to take the cleaner apart and check out all the nozzles to be sure they are not clogged.

Another area of concern is pressure loss due to hose leakage. This could happen with 80 series (booster pump) or 60 series (return hook-up). Check all the hose swivels and connections to make sure you are not loosing too much water. A good way to check all this at once is to pull the cleaner near the surface of the pool while running and check the rpm of the wheels. You should have 30-32 rpm. If you doo, then you probably don't have a flow problem.

Another common cause of flow problems with the 360 is a clogged or dirty pool filter which is not allowing enough flow through the return for the cleaner to operate properly. You may need to backwash or change your sand (clean grids in DE or clean cartridge). If your filter is okay, you may have a clogged impellar. To check this, look at your hair and lint pot basket. If the basket is cracked or broken, you may have a clogged impellar. You will need to squeeze the basket while inspecting it because it's hard to see a crack unless it opens up upon sqeezing.

Try checking out these things and see if you can figure it out.

Postby Guest » Sat 06 Dec, 2008 00:07

I forgot to mention checking the backup valve when checking for water loss in the hose. Sometimes the body of the backup valve will crack (usually right along the crease on the body where the water shoots out). Also, sometimes the backup valve will quit working altogether and this may effect the flow into the cleaner and the randomness with which it cleans (getting up into the shallow end).

So many things to check out. Also, make sure you hose has not memory.

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