cloudy and green bottom

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cloudy and green bottom

Postby barbaranna59 » Sat 23 Aug, 2008 08:38

My pool is lightly cloudy and looking green at the bottom. It holds 10,000 gallons of water. Ph is correct. I have tried to shock it and run the filter alot. I have also vacumed on waste which removed the bottom, hard to get all of it if you are not in the pool though. It seem like if I take my brush and go to sweep the bottom, it kind of flies up in the water like green soot. Some green growing on the sides and around the edges. I have used clarifier also. When I vacumed on waste it got better but not clear, a little less cloudy and could see the bottom better. But when that was done it just seems like it came all back within a day or 2. The last resort is flocking. Don't want to spend the money if that wont work also. The green on the bottom isnt something that looks like i have to scrub it or rub hard. because if i sweep a stroke with the brush it just moves around some place else like dust :cry: please help me

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