plaster patch

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plaster patch

Postby gregg » Sat 23 Aug, 2008 10:17

Have a new inground gunite pool with white plaster. Noticed a small dark spot on the wall near the bottom. Went down and noticed a small pop out hole about the size of a pencil eraser. Maybe a small rock in the plaster popped out. Is there something I can take under the water and fill that in with? An epoxy patch material? Called the builder and he suggested a bathroom type caulk. I read the label and it says "cleans up with water" Uh, wouldnt it just dissolve??


Plaster patch

Postby gregg » Mon 11 May, 2009 13:32

Gregg, I have the same problem. Did you get a response or did you find something to patch under water?
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I'm new here
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Plaster patch

Postby MaryG2900 » Sun 07 Jun, 2009 10:23

I have an even bigger problem. I have a plaster hole about 8 inches around. How can I patch it without having to drain the pool. What products should I use?

plaster patch

Postby am28a » Fri 21 Aug, 2009 06:55

you can buy patch it at leslie' pool or some other places call it pool patch. Hope this helps

plaster patch

Postby pool555 » Fri 26 Mar, 2010 13:09

am28a wrote:you can buy patch it at leslie' pool or some other places call it pool patch. Hope this helps

I have not had any luck with this product. Too expensive and It just disolves and chips off in a day or two.

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