Can I drain pool to make a repair

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can I drain pool to make a repair

Postby cibolo_dan » Thu 11 May, 2006 15:45

Our pool is less than a year old and either the bottom rail or another piece has come loose and is poking a hole on the liner. It looks like two 1/2 inch wide strips that meet at a side suppot. I can't tell by the diagram exactly what pieces have come loose. The only way I can see to fix this is to drain the pool and pull back the liner to expose the problem. The probelm is on the shallow end and I plan on leaving water in the deep end. Do you think I will be able to get the liner back on like this? Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

This is a 12 x 24 Doughboy Adobe Canyon - just in case someone has had the same experience.

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you can use the repair kit to repair your pool.

Postby » Thu 18 May, 2006 11:52

If you use round quick up pool, it's not a big problem for you. You can use the repair it with repair kit (glue and patch). For more information you can visit our website our way too is china beez.

Repairing Liner

Postby kccats » Sun 04 Jun, 2006 20:32

This is our first year with a pool that came with the house we just bought in
My wife jumped the gun a bit to open the pool and installed the ladder.
She did not know that there are bumpers that are supposed to go on them and I did not know they were not installed.
Needless to say, with my 6 children, it did not take long for a couple of pretty big tears. Bought an underwater patch kit and fixed it no problem.

No emptying the pool, just cut to a circle, apply adhesive, fold over on itself, put underwater, open and work out the water. Worked perfect!

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