milky water

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milky water

Postby redfox » Wed 27 Aug, 2008 15:12

i just had my second pool installed. this pool has an automatic cover whic we leave closed most of the time. also the temperature ranges between 85 and 88 degrees F. My free cl is 1-3 ppm the pH is 7.2 and I have added algaecide and a pool clarifier and a non-chlorine shock from SUN products. The alkalinity is around 110 ppm and the total hardness is around 300 ppm. My problem is milky water. The only way I can reduce it is to backwash the filter every few days even if the pressure has not risen more than 1-2 lbs. I have brushed and vacumed which also helps but I cannot eliminate it completely. When I backwash the site gauge turns almost white and clears in about 2 minutes. I am open for suggestions, please advise.

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