Ducks in the pool

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Ducks in the pool

Postby Sandy » Thu 11 May, 2006 18:05

Does anyone have a way of keeping ducks from flying into the pool? We're on Long Island, home to many ducks and ducklings and they seem to like to float around in our pool. We're having trouble shoo-ing them away, as they simply paddle over to the other side, or if we double-team them, they just swim around in the middle. It's too cold to go in after them right now and they're making a mess of the bottom, so we don't want to go in anyway, until we get a chance to vaccum.

Anyone have any tricks to keep them away?


Postby neka » Fri 12 May, 2006 14:26

We've had a pair that make our pool their spring home for the last 4 years.

They're usually not a problem but we've used a couple of large plastic owls with "bobble heads" placed in strategic locations around the pool and backyard when they wear out their welcome. Keeps the other birds using the pool as their privy too.


Postby lakmak » Sat 13 May, 2006 21:34

I live in Dallas where our pool man told us to get a rubber snake....
our Sheltie does a good job tho....
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I'm new here
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Postby carusoswi » Sun 28 May, 2006 18:06

I can't offer advice on how to keep the ducks away, but, your statement about not going in until you have a chance to vacuum seems a bit extreme to me - moot since the water is too cold, anyhow, but, you needn't avoid pool water just because there is some bird doo at the bottom. That's what the chlorine takes care of - you'll want to vacuum it up, of course, but my point is that it will not hurt you - you'd have to have the droppings of a thousand birds in a pool free of chlorine before it would become a problem.


Postby halito » Sat 03 Jun, 2006 08:08

hahahah. you have ducks in your pool. they must really love you. you are so lucky dude!

Postby Guest » Tue 01 Aug, 2006 23:36

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Ducks In Pool

Postby etm » Tue 01 Aug, 2006 23:50

Solution: 1 golden retriever...add several kids. Guarantee no birds.

Be prepared to trade duck doo-doo for gold dog hair.
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Postby ralph » Sun 27 Aug, 2006 18:25

We had the same problem, Yuk! I threw every thing i could find shoes, balls, squirt guns, Fineally I got the idea to throw Ice cubes,, You don't have to go get them and no more ducks. not 1 duck this year it was wonderful....

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