Constant in-flow of pool water

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L. Bascon

Constant in-flow of pool water

Postby L. Bascon » Fri 29 Aug, 2008 17:21

Pool maintenance personal kept repeating that I had a leak somewhere because the conditioner kept disappearing. When I received my last months (July) water bill of $125.00 I knew I had a problem. My problem concerns more water rather than less. After draining 2 to 3 inches of water below the skimmer, the pool water returns all the water drained the next day after turning ON the pool pump and running for a few hours. (Did not add water using a garden hose or other means). I accidently drained the SPA water. After turning the pump OFF (and not adding water through a valve system), I noticed water was entering into the SPA from 3 of the 5 water inlet. After a few hours, the SPA was full.
I was advised that we did not have an automatic refill system.

HELP! Its not only the cost, but water waste.

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