"Sudzing" Water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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"Sudzing" Water

Postby pammousekateer » Thu 11 May, 2006 20:23

I have an above ground pool and am at wits end. :shock: One week ago I used a sand filter cleaner (Strip Kwik by BioGuard). I followed the instructions and backwashed, etc. Two days later it rained so I added to the pool Algae Back Up (also by BioGuard). The Back Up is not really an algecide but an "algae preventative". Somewhere between the Strip Kwik and Back Up, foam/suds began to form on the pool. I called the pool supply store where I purchased the products and they called BioGuard to ask about the problem. BioGuard suggested a partial water change. I have now backwashed half the water but have not yet refilled the pool. I did begin refilling but it was not making a difference to the suds problem so I stopped. I figured what's the point to refilling just to have to drain it off again? I've skimmed off the suds and also pushed them through the intake while backwashing thereby sending them through the waste line. I also tried a "Super Water Clarifier" (by AquaChem). None of this has solved the problem. I thought about using baking soda and vinegar to strip off the soap.

Thoughts anyone? If we weren't selling the house, I do believe I might rent a bulldozer and really pop those bubbles. :D

Pink Panther

Foamy Pool

Postby Pink Panther » Fri 02 Jun, 2006 09:24

I had an leak on the low pressure side of the pool pump that caused air bubbles and foam to be all over the pool. Do you see any bubbles in the pump strainer?

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