Shock turns water green

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Shock turns water green

Postby First_Pool » Sun 10 Jul, 2011 21:49

I had a similar green pool experience. I also just put up a 24ft round 54" tall AG pool. Filled the pool and it looked beautifull blue/clear. Ran my sand filter for a day or so (not continuous) and all appeared good. It got warm and the liner was beginning to feel a bit slimy so I thought I better get the shock in before I have a real algae problem. As I poured in the shock, the pool turned Shrek green before my eyes. I could see the clould of chlorine spread and turn green as it spread out. Metals in the water will indeed do this. The metals get oxidized by the chlorine and turn it colors - in this case copper=green. Others turn brown or a mix.

I went to a local pool supply store and they sold me their "Metal Free" product that is suppose to make the
metals bind and get filtered out. This also required chlorine neutrallizer first. After 1 bottle of chlorine neutrallizer and 4 bottles of metal freee (enough to treat 160,000 gallons for my 15000 gallon pool !!) and many back washes on the filter, I went from dark green to a slightly lighter green..I was not happy - do not recommend this product.

Found another product called Mineral Magnet at Namco after doing some more research. Put in two bottles (treats 10K gallons per bottle) around 6pm, ran the filter until about midnight, and woke up to a beautfull blue pool again. I highly recommend this product (it doesn't require chlorine to be neutrallized first either). Unfortunately it seems I will have to use this any time I add water to the pool. Putting some water in a 5 gal bucket and loading it with shock to see if it turns green can help see what will happen before shocking the pool if you think you might have a problem.

Hope this helps.


Shock turns water green

Postby Marylandhottubpoolandsparepair » Fri 19 Aug, 2011 08:24

PoolTyme wrote:We put in shock and the balance pak 100 (and all the other products recommended to open our pool) and then our turned pool (green) and steps turned (yellow/brown) adding additional shock only made it worse. The sides were not slimy and the steps could not be cleaned with ANYTHING! I found a link online that said to put ascorbic acid (Vitamin C powder) into the pool. We were having a pool party and so I went to the local vitamin store bought the powder, and amazing right before our eyes our pool turned back to crystal clear!! We will also follow up with the metal out, but the vitamin C was INSTANT. To test if this is your problem hold Vitamin C on your steps if the color changes than that is your problem. :)

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Shock turns water green

Postby Sgb » Wed 09 May, 2012 11:02

Question: If adding shock to a pool with heavy metals turns the water green, would using a non chlorine chemical, like from Bioguard, eliminate this problem?
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Shock turns water green

Postby chem geek » Tue 15 May, 2012 17:04

Sort of. If the green is from copper, then keeping the pH lower will help to prevent the water turning green. Non-chlorine shock is net acidic so should help, but you could add chlorine if you lowered the pH first before adding the chlorine. This doesn't solve the problem, but works around it -- the key is keeping the pH lower if the metal ion content of the water is too high. Adding a metal sequestrant (HEDP-based are more chlorine resistant than EDTA-based products) will bind to the metal ions preventing them from forming oxides-hydroxides and coloring the water or staining surfaces.

Shock turns water green

Postby natasha » Mon 28 Jul, 2014 19:15

i had shock my pool a few weeks ago and it turned brown but after a few days of cleaning the filter it came crystal clear a month after i shock it again because it was starting to get cloudy and then next day it was green and every day after it became more green and its been a week now what should i do !!!

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