should I fire new pool guy? Bearings on pump motor?

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should I fire new pool guy? Bearings on pump motor?

Postby AJ » Sat 06 Sep, 2008 11:13

Our tenants hired a new pool guy to maintain our salt water pool. I got a phone call last week from them saying the pool was green and murky. The pool is three years old. Our tenants called the pool company that installed our pool, and they sent a guy out who said the cell was not cleaned and had not been cleaned in a while. The new pool guy has been on the job for a full two months. The place is in the desert, where there is a lot of calcium and seems obvious to me that when you begin a new job on a salt water pool that you check the cell on a weekly basis. Does that seem fair?

The pool company also said that the pump motor needs to be changed because the bearings have gone bad and is making noise. We're just over the warranty by a few months. Pool company said it's because of heat. This seems crazy to me as pools are typically in hot places, and the company is in the desert where we're at. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Postby muss08 » Sat 06 Sep, 2008 13:20

The cells in salt water generators are typically cleaned every three months and the cell isnt usually removed until this point (unless there is a problem). What kind of salt water generator do you have? Most have some sort of indicator that tells the tech when the cell needs to be cleaned. The bearings COULD have gone bad because of heat. Not the surrounding ambient heat but heat from an overheated motor. Is the area in which the pool pump well ventilated and are the heat vents in the motor blocked or obstructed? Usually an overheating motor will shut itself off as they usually have some sort of thermal protection. The MAIN cause of motors going bad prematurely are usually from a leaky shaft seal that is allowing water to move down the shaft into the area of the bearings. Personally, when I begin maintenance on a salt water pool i've never been to before I will clean the cell because there really is no way to tell when it was last cleaned. This isnt typical though.
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