Cloudy water/Algae

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cloudy water/Algae

Postby Gulfstream2008 » Tue 09 Sep, 2008 11:00

PH 7.0 Akaline 40 ppm Chlorine remaining @4 ppm or more will not come down. and still making Algae. have backwashed for thirty minutes and refilled twice, Pool size is 80 cu metres below ground.any ideas?

pool kid

Postby pool kid » Tue 09 Sep, 2008 20:46

raise you ph to 7.4 - 7.6 and alkalinity to 120ppm then add some more algeacide. Sometimes with level of 7.0 and 40 the acid eats up the algeacide before it gets to do anything. Also sometimes algae pores are so small that it by passes the sand and sometimes even d.e. filters. Try backwashing to waste allowing the algae to go straight out of the pool. If you do have a sand filter try backwashing until clear, then rinsing for three minutes and then backwashing again for 30 seconds.. it really clears out the filter.

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