pink slime

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pink slime

Postby seachap » Wed 10 Sep, 2008 20:59

This is the second time I've addressed this issue, and haven't gotten a response so I wonder is it pink slime or not. I've seen a few people inquire about pink algae, when I done my reseach it was stated pink slime is a bacteria. I think I've elimated it by super shocking to nearly 50ppm. The only thing I can't find about it is where does it come from. I don't want to get it again since it is hard to get rid of.

pool kid

Postby pool kid » Wed 10 Sep, 2008 23:17

my occurrences with pink algae occur when you went on vacation to a beach or the caribbean and didn't properly wash your bathing suits.. for some reason the bacteria in the ocean causes a pink slime to form in the pool. pink aglae can also be a white water mold which sometimes occurs when children go from different pools to different pools. like to a country club and then to a neighbors pool.. bacteria tends to build up on the bathing suit.. i can't give you guarantees but this just has been my experience.. in my store when people say they have pink algae i give them a united chemical brank called pink treat.. its one 32oz. bottle for 20,000gallon. you dump one of them in and then shock it immediately with five bags of shock. and its gone.. in most cases it works everytime..

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