New pool paint peeling... anyway to save?

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New pool paint peeling... anyway to save?

Postby Lates » Thu 11 Sep, 2008 16:55

Hi all... I hope someone can help me.

I recently moved into a new house with an in-ground concrete pool. Walls of the pool are tiled while the previous occupiers painted the bottom. When we bought the place we knew the pool needed a re-paint.

3-4 months ago we re-painted the pool using System 10 Poolpaint. The guy that did it sand blasted first and seemed to follow instructions fully.

My problem is that in one area of the pool over the last week or so the paint has bobbled up and in one spot has come away all together. My question ... is there anyway I can stop the problem before it gets so bad that the pool has to be drained and the area re-painted.... or is it a case of waiting until it gets so bad it HAS to be done.

This is my first pool and am very much in at the deep end so any advice is welcome.

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