Replacing pebblesheen with pebbletec on new pool

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Replacing pebblesheen with pebbletec on new pool

Postby Guest » Wed 17 Sep, 2008 12:08

My pool was just finished, everthing went well, builder was great, except the plaster folks put pebblesheen instead of pebbletec, the builder has said they will redo it if I want to. The pool has been filled and I'm seeing if I can get used to it the way it is. It looks good, but its not excatly what I wanted. My question is if they redo the plaster is it an easy fix. My concern is where its a brand new pool I dont want to see remnants of the prior finish. Where I envision this would be where the tile meets the plaster and I have a weeping wall along part of the pool where the base of the rocks meets the plaster.

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