Evening sand?

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Evening sand?

Postby Crystal6 » Fri 19 Sep, 2008 22:47

I have been fighting our pool all summer. First the liner was ripped, then the sides caved in. So i took the pool down and put it back up correctly. We're now trying to put a new liner in it and we've raked the sand but not quite sure what to do. Do we need to flatten and kind of compact the sand b4 we put the liner in? Or will the weight of the liner and water do that itself? And it doens't look as even as we want. The sand doesn't have any big dips or anything but it kinda looks wavy. Help plz. I'm 17 and this battle just never seems to end.


Sand Compaction

Postby Floodsie » Mon 22 Sep, 2008 01:02

The best way to level you sand is to wet it slightly and then rake it... the sand will be compacted by the weight of the pool water but will work best if there is some moisture in it before you install the pool... add a little water at a time and once it's firm under foot, that should be enough.. good luck!

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