Newbie to forum and pools...another vac question....

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Newbie to forum and pools...another vac question....

Postby BeachBum » Mon 15 May, 2006 10:55

I'm not getting a response in the Maint section so I thought I would try here.

I bought the Hayward Nav for my new pool. I have no clue how to use this. I read the book, watched the DVD and it seems pretty simple. I paid extra to have a "vacuum stub out" (that's what they called it) installed so I do not have to go through the skimmer thingy.

Got everything hooked up and go to plug this thing in to the "stub out" and I can't see how it stays connected? The "stub out" is threaded on the inside and the end of the Hayward tubing is smooth so it will not go in or hold. Am I missing a part? Am I a moron? There is tremendous suction coming from the "stub out" so it seems to be working. Can it be that simple that I am missing a part?

Also, do I have to do anything at the filter/pump area? Like switch a valve or anything?

Sorry for the elementary questions................your help is SINCERELY


Postby Wanda323 » Thu 18 May, 2006 02:07

I am a new pool owner too and get no answers from here at all, I get all the air out of my vaccum hose by holding it over the flow valve thingy under water then slowly moving it to the place to hook it up under water, don't let the hose come out of water or it will get air in it again, after you hook it up it should start sucking, mine does and it does a great job, I hope I have helped a little because you won't get much from here. I have posted a couple questions and got very few replies and they didn't help. I just come to mainly read other people questions and have learned a lot from them, this site needs more moderators to answer questions, no harm intended, sorry if I stepped on anyones toes.

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