best way to completely empty above ground pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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best way to completely empty above ground pool

Postby neveragree » Sun 28 Sep, 2008 17:10

Help! We have had an above ground Intex 4 X 18' pool for 3 years now. Every year we seem to have an issue on how to do something relating to either putting it up, or taking it down. This year, instead of going in with buckets and scooping out the dregs at the bottom, we just started taking the metal supports off. But then my husband started pushing down the edges to let the water go over the sides and out (ideally-but not going to happen because we worked hard to try to make it LEVEL).

My idea was to not do that, and leave the remaining water in the bottom until all the metal pieces were removed, and then pull one side of the pool across to drain it upside down.

Well, he didn't agree and started pushing the edges down, but then we still had to pull one side over to get it upside down. I said that what he did made it more difficult to pull as now there was the added weight of the water sitting on top of the sides.

I am not a scientist, but it just seemed to me that if more weight is on top of the thing you're trying to tip upside down, it will make it harder to pull the edges upside down than it would have been to just slosh all that weight slowly across to one side by pulling.

Am I crazy, or did I have a valid point? He got all mad and that was the end of the team effort and here I am at the computer looking for help!!


Mr. Knife

Postby Mr. Knife » Tue 25 Nov, 2008 22:52

Cut a hole in it!

best way to completely empty above ground pool

Postby heyharris1 » Thu 25 Jun, 2009 19:19

why dont you just buy a pump for 50 bucks that a garden hose hooks to and pump it out.

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