Chlorine is up, water still somewhat green

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Chlorine is up, water still somewhat green

Postby jan263 » Mon 29 Sep, 2008 18:49

I have a small above ground, 15'. I let the chlorine tab run out and of course, I got greenish water. I brought the chlorine level back up and the water seemed to clear up, but I was left with sediment that my portable vac won't take up, filter bag lets it go right through. I've been running the little filter that came with the pool overtime and stirring up the water periodically, and cleaning the filter often. I'm thinking this should work for the sediment over some time, but the water is still turning greenish a little, even with chlorine level reading rather high. Is it possible the algae is still surviving and needs to be shocked?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby mvp2ooo8 » Tue 30 Sep, 2008 16:16

your main problem is the fact that that pool does not have a bottom drain.
there is no need to shock if chlorine is already high
i would just put an algaecide probaly close to half or a little bit more than half.(28/40)
let pool run overnight and find a way to vac the dead algae on waste
try to vac with the cartidge filter out of houseing and the top off
which wil cause the water to overflow out the top of housing.
after that rinse cartidge filter with water hose
then filter pool overnight rinse filter in the mourning
then swimm and have fun.
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Postby muss08 » Thu 02 Oct, 2008 20:30

First I would need to know your chemistry readings. What exactly is your free chlorine, pH, TA, and stabalizer (cyanuric acid) levels? If your pH is high (7.8+) your chlorine is very ineffective and unable to properly eliminate the algae. If your stabalizer level is high (60ppm+) you are in the same situation as the pH. If you can give me those readings I can let you know your proper shock level. To properly shock a pool it usually requires a couple days. You bring your pool up to shock level (always at least 11ppm) and make sure it stays at that level until it stays the same overnight. This requires periodically checking the chlorine throughout the days and adding more if necessary to maintain that shock level. Then check the level at sundown and again in the morning- if the level is within 2ppm of the night reading then all the organics in the pool are dead and you can let the chlorine level fall naturally.
Another possibility for the green is that there is copper in the water.
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