Closing inground pool in late Sept.

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Closing inground pool in late Sept.

Postby jilldyan » Tue 07 Oct, 2008 23:22

We just had an inground pool installed in late sept. As part of our "deal" they are to open and close it for the next two years. After the electrician came and finsihed the wiring for the pump and filter, they did not come out and turn it on at all! My pool is green and has many leaves in it. I am concerned that this will stain or weaken my brand new liner. They came today to cover it. We purchased the Loop Loc cover, which is not the one that is currently on my pool. I am assuming it is because there is no concrete or blocks to anchor in to? I am calling the owner tomorrow and tell him that I am not at all happy with the way the pool was closed, nor was the filter ever run. We still owe them $1,000 which was to be given to them upon the "demonstration". Also, we had very heavy rains and much of the dirt around the pool went down about 1-2 feet. We mentioned it to the secretary prior to them coming out to close the pool, but lo and behold, they didn't fill it in. I want to lay concrete in the spring and they need to fix that before winter so that it can fully settle. Sorry for the rant. It is just that I spent a lot of money on this pool and it looks like crap already! Any advice, especially about the damage the leaves will cause, would be greatly appreciated!


new pool mess

Postby reedglen62 » Wed 08 Oct, 2008 21:03

Welcome to the new pool club of heart aches. I had a similar problem my first year. I just finished year two...I can tell you that it is amazing what the chemicals can do to clean muck, mud, and such out of the pool. MY pool was left incomplete in December. I had mud, rocks, concrete mix everything in the pool. We got help from a pool service. They vacumned, and winterized the pool. No stains, no rocks, etccc. It will clean and look great. I am in ky so we have to close in winter and add antifreeze to the lines....Regardless of what you do, I think it will be green in the spring if the water heats up before you open it. But as I mentioned, it will clean and sparkle in 4-5 days even in the worst condition if you add the right stuff. Contact a company that has been around a long time. They can help. I pay appx 275.00 to have the pool closed includes chemicals. It cost less to open. Once you see them do it, you can do it yourself. goodluck

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