Sand Filter does not work

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Sand Filter does not work

Postby I am a poyol pro » Mon 09 Nov, 2009 00:57


I have a sure way to free a green pool of algae, maybe once and for all. will post a sticky on it this week.


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Sand Filter does not work

Postby ben_and_ali » Wed 25 Nov, 2009 07:19

I have a bit of a tip for vacuuming after you've flocked your pool - couldn't find anywhere better to post it so I thought I'd put it here!

If you have a creepy crawly, disable the jittery bits that cause the creepy to crawl, and get in the pool and move the vacuum around by hand. Otherwise the jittery bits will disturb all the flocked particles from the bottom of the pool and spread them everywhere, so you then have to wait for everything to re-settle and do it again. Not good if you live with water restrictions and pumping to waste needs to be avoided as much as possible.

Sand Filter does not work

Postby Wikdy » Tue 16 Aug, 2011 14:12

:D :D Just like to say thanks to ALL BLUE. Looking at our green pool wondering what we could do. Found this posting although it may be old it worked and we are now back in the pool again !!!!! Thanks again for the advice.
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Sand Filter does not work

Postby sumonkhan44 » Thu 06 Oct, 2011 09:54

After the rain the pool was green and cloudy, so I shocked it. The next morning I began vacuuming, only to find that everything was going through the filter and back into the pool. The sand had been changed earler in the summer and everything had worked perfectly.

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