vacuum suction to strong

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vacuum suction to strong

Postby Guest » Mon 13 Oct, 2008 10:02

When I am vacuuming the deep end of my pool, the vacuum gets stuck to the liner. It has caused the liner to wrinkle in some areas. I was told there was problems with the pump so I replaced the pump and it is still doing the same thing. Any ideas what the problem may be?


Postby falcon0321 » Tue 25 Nov, 2008 23:05

You may need a new vaccum head. Or you pump is extrememly overisized.

Try limiting the amount of suction to the vaccum by opening your main drain valve(if you have one)
Pooltown Pros

Vacuum suction to strong

Postby Pooltown Pros » Wed 18 Mar, 2009 17:53

You got hoodwinked. You never should have replaced the pump. :thumbdown:

You should open the skimmer or main drain while you vacuum to reduce the suction to the vacuum head.

A higher vacuum head (wheel type) can also prevent the vacuum head from getting suctioned onto the liner so tightly. :wink:

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