chemical lock up

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chemical lock up

Postby gia33333 » Tue 16 May, 2006 15:34

For the past 3 years our pool has gone into "chemical lockup". Twice last year. After treating taking a water sample to our pool service, purchasing 250.00 worth of chemicals and following the intructions, our water sample came back in "lockup" and we are to add 75 lbs of bioguard burn-out extreme! The only other option given was to "take a chance" by draining 1/2 our pool water and refilling. This is the most burn out we have ever had to add at one time. What is the cause and is there any way to prevent this "lock up" from happening over and over again?


chemical lock-up

Postby poolmom » Fri 09 Jun, 2006 17:20

I wish I had a solution for your problem but am rather following with a question, as my father's pool has the same problem. Was wondering if you have been able to rectify without draining. His pool did this last year - he drained entire pool (17,000 gallons) and refilled with success; however, after removing cover 3 weeks ago is having same lockup. Was just hoping you were able to get a remedy wherever you are that you can share since your notice was written several weeks ago. Thanks!

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