Pool is empty....

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Pool is empty....

Postby Guest » Sun 09 Nov, 2008 19:01

Hello all I am new I live in Arizona and i have had some issue with my in ground pool =/- 16000 gal and I have black algae all in the bottom of my pool. Now with today economy I really hate to go out and buy a couple hundred dollars of chemicals. I was hoping someone could get me step by step instructions on fixing this problem while its empty for a couple days. I know its not good idea to have a plaster pool empty but its cool outside and there expecting clouds the next couple days.

Q #1 can i use a pressure washer inside my pool? Fan spray
Q #2 What will get that Black Algae out of my pool?

Now I have a in ground cleaning system and I don't think I am getting good pressure, when the pump turns on you can not see much water moving except on the Steps. Since there is a pop up there.

Q#3 How could I check my lines to make sure there are not plugged up?
Q#4 What size pump is average?

I don't think my builder pout a big enough pump...
Now on my pressure meter onto of the Filters its says I have 20-25 for pressure but I would think that the pop ups would be making waves.

I thank yo in advance for your help....


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Pool is empty....

Postby BilliBob » Wed 11 Mar, 2009 07:40

Q #1 can i use a pressure washer inside my pool? Fan spray

Yes, apressure washer is great for removing stubborn dirt

Q #2 What will get that Black Algae out of my pool?

An acid wash. I see this being done every other year where we are.

Q#4 What size pump is average?

I think that so much depends on the suction lines, return lines and filter capacity. You give more info and the pros here can help you out better.
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