Please help No Weir installed

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I'm new here
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Please help No Weir installed

Postby yusuf » Tue 11 Nov, 2008 07:36

Hi, I have currently bought a house with a swimming pool, I have noticed that there is no weir installed in the swimming pool at all there is only a inflow pipe.

Can you please assist me in a workaround if the weir is not essential or if essential how would I go about installing one, I would prefer to not install a new one as that would mean that I will need to break part of my pool.

Please help.

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Postby greg340 » Tue 11 Nov, 2008 19:38

You can use a universal weir that is cut to fit also some skimmers use a floating weir that sits inside the skimmer basket
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I'm new here
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Missing weir

Postby poolpro1 » Wed 12 Nov, 2008 20:33

Sounds like you are missing your skimmer. The weir is a door that fits inside the skimmer to control water flow. If you are missing your surface skimmer you may be able to install a wall suction type skimmer provided you have a suction fitting in the wall of the pool. Does your pool have a drain suction at the bottom of the deep end ? Please post more info on any inlets or outlets you have in the pool. Is your pool above ground,in ground ,concrete,fiberglass ?
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Please help No Weir installed

Postby Rosco59 » Sat 25 Apr, 2009 16:33

If you are completely missing your skimmer and only have a suction inlet,then you might like to try something like a dragonfly,which is a floating skimmer and could be just plugged into the wall.
they are Australian ,but i believe someone in florida is distributing them.
Mike Davis

Please help No Weir installed

Postby Mike Davis » Wed 22 Jul, 2009 10:43

You can purchase replacement weirs at most pool supply stores. They are very easy to install, you just need to measure how wide it is. Its probably about 8 inches wide and will install in less than 5 minutes. The cost is under $20 each.

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