Lose suction after vaccuming for short period

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Lose suction after vaccuming for short period

Postby Sugarjojo » Mon 23 May, 2005 22:41


I just bought a forclosed property with a huge inground pool. Everything seems to run well until I try to vaccum. After a very short time, five minutes or so, I lose all suction. All I am sucking up is some fine dirt - no leaves or larger items.

I'm told I either have a cracked hose or need new o-rings. I've filled the vaccum hose with the garden hose - no leaks. I have NO clue where to find an o-ring.

Any thoughts?

John Rosalia
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby John Rosalia » Wed 08 Jun, 2005 09:16

check the strainer basket just before the pump. It should have a clear top so that you can see if 1) any air in system and/or 2) basket is filled with debris that needs to be cleaned out. It should have an o-ring around it where it is attached. turn off pump and turn it to take it off and check the o-ring. Hope this helps.


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