water behind liner

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water behind liner

Postby brian » Thu 18 May, 2006 20:46

We had an inground pool installed in our yard last june. When we opened up the pool again this spring, I found a portion of the shallow end liner floating on the surface of the water. A very large amount of water had built up under there. We pumped it out, and everything seemed to fall back into place. Water was clear. Today, after some more rain over a few days, the pool was complete brown.. Once again water behind the liner in the exact same spot. Brown was evidence of sand.

Many thoughts on this topic..

1. Ground water building up and getting behind liner.
2. Where is the sand coming from into the pool ?

If any body has any idea's would love to hear about it.



Postby doug » Wed 24 May, 2006 07:49

same thing happened to us. We were told that we have a leak in the return line to the pool. We found this out by turning off the pump and then watching where the dirt was coming from. Pool liner bulged off wall where water was being pushed out and then when filter turned off, water pressure pushed liner back into place and forced dirt (sand) back into hose and into pool. We will have to have someone come out with a leak detector where they can pinpoint where the leak is occuring (through the concrete) and then they will drill a one foot hole, patch the hose, and fill in the concrete. Good luck.

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