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Pool depth

Postby GrantR » Sun 23 Nov, 2008 07:58


We contracted a pool building to build us a concrete pool with a deep end of 1.5m. He filled the concrete shell and the resultant height of this shell was 1.38m. If you drop the water line to the middle of the weir / skimmer, the pool will be about 1.28m deep. My question is this: When pool builders give a quote to build a pool of a certain depth, do they refer to the height of the concrete shell or the water depth?

By the way, we did specify we wanted a water depth of 1.5m and he quoted 1.5m depth. He now claims his measurements can vary by 10%. The deviation is 8% if the concrete shell is used to measure depth (height in my vocabulary). If we take the waterline then he is about 15% off.

Which is correct. Surely consumer take about water depth, not the height of the concrete structure? Your comments are welcome.



Postby falcon0321 » Tue 25 Nov, 2008 23:22

The depth of a pool is usually determined from the deck height and not the actual water depth.

Pool builder, MN

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