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Pump room

Postby Clueless » Fri 19 May, 2006 05:39

Hello,I have a pool in Mallorca,which levers do I turn off and on to clean the pool?At present the cleaning hose is put into one of the skimmers and the other skimmer blocked,the pool man has to go! he spend about ten minutes cleaning it once a week.Also do i close all valves and open the waste pipe valve when back washing and rinsing?there is 1 lever on skimmers,1 lever for filter,1 for waste outlet,also 1 lever for the proper cleaning pipe which is not connected to mains electric,why I dont know,but I close it anyway when back washing.The main control for filter backwashing etc I have virtually no knowledge of what it really does except for what I have read.Also where i do Get info on pool chemicals and what they do,they all come with Spanish and German instructions so at a loss at present.Please help
Vic Watson

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