retile a swimming pooL

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retile a swimming pooL

Postby Jowily » Mon 01 Dec, 2008 08:52

my pool has the pebble tech finish and I hate the glass tiles we originally
picked for the pool but I want to remove the glass tils (1" squares) and replace them with 5 x 6 tiles . they are 6 x 6 and will have to be cut down but my question is the grout line between the tile and the pebble tech HOW SHOULD I REMOVE THAT GROUT LINE WITHOUT DAMAGEING THE PEBBLE TECK SURFACE? A DIAMOND SAW ON A SMALL GRINDER



Retile a swimming pooL

Postby Guest » Mon 09 Mar, 2009 05:10

Yup! A diamond saw and a very steady hand is the cleanest and fastest way to do it.

Don't forget to waterproof everything very well before retiling.
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Retile a swimming pooL

Postby geeman » Fri 17 Jul, 2009 09:58

If the new tile is 5x6 it is most likely not "pool tile", meaning that it is not frost-proof. If you live in an area that does not experience freezing then you will be ok. But do not use non frost-proof tile in freeze areas - it will flake.

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