Is this related to Pool Piping System?

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Is this related to Pool Piping System?

Postby maria » Fri 05 Dec, 2008 09:51

My pool is in the backyard but in the front of my house, there is a white 2 inch PVC pipe that comes out of the ground, makes a u back down and theres a 1 inch gap to a pipe that goes back in the ground.

Water is gushing out of the u pipe into the pipe that goes into the ground and the only water that is running in the house is thru the pool pump.

No one seems to know what this pipe is and why theres water (it's clear water) running through it. The water flow stops when the pool pump stops.

I have a picture but I don't see a means to upload same on this site. I will try to put it on flickr.

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