Please help - pump problem

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A surfr uc
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Please help - pump problem

Postby A surfr uc » Fri 12 Dec, 2008 19:50

I came home from work today and none of my jets were working. My filter pressure was at 0 and the pump was making a different noise than when running normaly. I turned it off and bumped the Hayward filter and turned it back on - no change

I tried to take the lid off of the filter baket to see if something was blocking the flow; it was nearly impossible to take off; I had to get a rubber hammer to turn it. The water inside was discolored.

I backwashed about a month ago and keep my pool ultra-clean. We are in FL and there have been some heavy winds and a few larger leaves were in the pool but the skimmer was relatively clean. We have a lanai so it's tough for debris to get in.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? The filter and pump are not more than 2 years old. I'm really worried. :cry:

rob the builder


Postby rob the builder » Mon 29 Dec, 2008 21:34

do you have a pool and a spa? turn it to spa see if it works. if it does there is a block in the inlet for the pool skimmeror dedicated line? prime it up with the hose if you have to

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