Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.
Rock painter

Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby Rock painter » Wed 23 Jan, 2013 11:51

I have seen and fixed this kind of problem many times over the years in So Cal. I’m not going to even try to tell you why it happened the only thing for sure is the plaster guy will blame your pool guy and vice versa. Funny that is even going on here. The fix is fast and simple, Look for a pool tile cleaning company that bead blasts, Bead blasting will even out the plaster quickly next to avoid this happening again get a pump up sprayer with a fan tip fill it with a good concrete densifire that is a penetrating non-membrane concrete sealer that internally hardens, densifies and blocks vapor emissions. The reason it works is the sealer goes in the plaster creates a gel the gel hardens and creates a protective shield inside the plaster that keeps the color even and is chemical resistant and you have solved the problem I am not a know it all I learned this procedure working at Disneyland I was just the guy with a bead blaster all the credit goes to the Disney engineers anyway I hope this helps.


Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby Lisa_gr » Mon 25 Feb, 2013 22:12

I have had the exact same problem. I have pictures to show and compare with you if you like?
After 6 months I noticed the blotchy patches start to appear at the top of the pool, just underneath the waterline tile and progressively got worse and worse. This continued to run down the pool walls to the pool floor. When it first appeared I contactted quartzon and they continued to tell me it was calcium build up until I eventually had enough and demanded they come out to inspect. 6 months later they are still sending out people to view it saying they have never seen anything like this before and have no idea what has caused this to happen. They have come to the conclusion that they are semi-draining my pool this winter and giving it an acid wash to see if this fixes the problem!?? What should i do?

Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby lisa_gr » Mon 25 Feb, 2013 22:19

John Murray Caringbah wrote:I have a Quartzon pool that started exhibiting white(cacification ) spots almost immediately it was filled , by end of summer , it looked like pool had measles. During winter it was re-acid washed& refilled& rebalanced , almost immediately white spots reappeared. Quartzon rep said could be Quartzon not laid properly, leading to microporosity & rising ph. I had pool balanced aprox every 2-3 weeks & white spots still form. After initial acid wash & refilling pool, white spots started to form but not as many as 1st time round. Any solutions?

Hi John,

Your pool sounds like mine atm. Can you tell me how things went with your pool and if quartzon fixed the blotchiness.


The link above shows you my current pool images and the blotchiness.

Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby Poolpro » Tue 17 Sep, 2013 23:49

Grey spots can be trapped moisture.I drained a pool and torched the areas and they went away.As for those grey path ways are the areas that washed out when they wash the finish while there trowling and the water rushes down the floor.As they trowel down to the deepend they hand them Balls of (patch) material that they save out of the last batch mixed and most times doesn't come out the same color after its finished..
Free info

Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby Free info » Sat 21 Sep, 2013 10:25

I have seen the same issue with Quartzon all the time as any color other than white with whatever color speckles you want does this. Do not use it period, any good plaster guy will not even offer it unless you use white. I also suggest not using colored plaster as they can not mix all the plaster at once so the plaster does not match perfect the way everyone wants it too. I can see the protective coating working for a pool but really? Who wants to do that to keep their pool correct.

Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby abos » Wed 05 Mar, 2014 18:16

Our quartzon pool is now 6 years old and had just started to show multiple small (< 0.5mm) round patches of grey discolouration at one end of the pool. No overhead power lines and i have kept the pH balance fairly constant. Any thoughts?

Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby user » Wed 19 Mar, 2014 09:00

I have talked to a few different pool builders who have stated when a certain plant that made the plaster mix for 3m/quarts pools in the begining was shut down for polluting is when they started to see this problem start happening. The new mix from what I have been told causes this and the only fix is to polish the plaster which is expensive to do so this does not happen.

Re: Quartzon Pool (6 month's) old with light grey patches

Postby Johnyqnz » Thu 02 Feb, 2017 02:50

I have a quartztron pool built in 1988 and it needs resurfacing. I'm thinking of doing in quartztron again. Can I do this myself? Do I need to remove the original surface back to concrete or can it go straight over the quartztron surface? Any other suggestions? Thanks

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