Identify make/model of jet [photo included]

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Identify make/model of jet [photo included]

Postby richardyoo » Sat 13 Dec, 2008 23:33

My in-ground gunite spa was recently resurfaced with pebble-tec and the crew "lost" my jets. I've attached a photo below (before the work was done), and they appear to be standard 1" in size but have these short blue rubber things on the end of them. I've tried replacing them with standard Hayward SP1419E hydrostream jets but when I do that the spa doesn't produce any bubbles - as soon as I remove the SP1419E jets the bubbles come back immediately. I do not have a blower in my set up as it uses a passive venturi system similar to above-ground spas.

Any ideas where what these jets are or where I can find them? ... a-jets.jpg


Re: Identify make/model of jet [photo included]

Postby Me... » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 09:27

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Identify make/model of jet [photo included]

Postby Larry » Mon 02 Mar, 2009 05:39

Did you ever get this solved?

How about a picture of your pool after resurfacing.


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