t.d.s and temperature

Total hardness and calcium hardness in pool water.
Scale, calcium buildup, hard water and scaling problems.
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T.d.s and temperature

Postby Me... » Wed 22 Apr, 2009 19:21

7.3 pH is not low and 60 Alk is not critical, well depending on other factors. You never mention Calcium readings. And a steady 6-7ppm chlorine reading would be brutal on a heater. When you use thiosulphate make sure to isolate your probes, hopefully you use a flowcell, or you will toast them.

bobaz-union wrote:it's an outdoor facility.spa cya is usually 10 to 30.spa consistently read high chlorine at 6to8 range every morning unless I turned off the chlorine feeder the night before.I treated the high chlorine with thiosulfate which lowers ph and orp.to offset that I added a nonchlorine oxidizer which spikes orp to 700-800.I wonder if I somehow got a low ph (7.3)combined with low alakinity (60)and got aggressive heated water that caused the chemical corrision.I test the water 2x a day except on wknds, 1x.Could damage happen in less than 2 days?

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