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winter cover

Postby kirby » Fri 26 Dec, 2008 10:25

We live in the northeast. A section of our winter cover (with water bag) fell into the pool. It seems frozen in that position. The low water level in the pool seemed to have contributed to this problem together with heavy snows. What should we do? If left as is with the vinyl liner exposed, will it cause damage? Should we try to add water to the pool?

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Postby Pooltech32 » Sat 27 Dec, 2008 01:03

It should be ok, I would try and add water when you can.
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Winter cover

Postby Ray » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 14:01

I have had a similar issue for 2 years in a row although slightly different. I live in Michigan and we always get freezing, snow, rain etc.. that fill the pool cover with water. For two years in a row now, when attempting to drain the water off the cover prior to opening (And before mosquitos can breed) I have found that the cover has developed a leak. Trying to drain it is impossible with a pump as it merely pulls water from the pool into the cover and eventually would completely drain the pool. Last year, I was able to isolate the leak with air mattresses strategically placed so I could drain sections and find the area of the leak but it is a problem. I wish someone could provide a better solution. I bought a new cover last fall but it happened again. Perhaps because of ice. I expect that you will have the same issue when trying to open your pool.

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